The True Path Forward for Boy to Girl and Male to Transition. Buy the new book at Amazon or Apple.          "Boy or Girl - Man or Woman" by MJ Spain

Learning your true gender is a long, tender and painful series of experiences which should be shared with others facing the same quandry.

"Boy or Girl - Man or Woman" by MJ Spain is now available as an eBook on the sites of all major booksellers, including Amazon, Apple and Nook



Hi and welcome to my site. It is dedicated to learning about true experiences that have occurred in the lives of boys and men on their way to understanding if they are boy or girl - male or female.

I am MJ Spain, a respected professional who tired of reading of cross-dressing and transgender experiences that were obviously not true and which did not provide me with the help I sought in sorting out and comparing events in my personal life. So, I decided to help by sharing my story first and plan to add others that are credible and helpful to all those needing to learn if they are cross-dressers or transgendered.

My first book, "Boy or Girl - Man or Woman," "Real Life Gender Experiences" by M.J. Spain is now available for eReaders on nearly every Website of leading booksellers, including Amazon, Apple's iBooks, Nook, etc. It is the first of a series of true experiences (book number two is on the way shortly).

Sweethearts, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about the book and questions you may have.I love you all!

With Much Love and Support,